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1. Cargo Petrol Station, Oke-Bola, Ibadan, Oyo State
2. Cargo Petrol Station, Iwo-Road, Ibadan, Oyo State
3. New Petrobiz, Olorunsogo, Ibadan, Oyo State
4. New Petrobiz, Olomi, Ibadan, Oyo State
5. Vanilla-Kay, Odo-Oba, Ibadan, Oyo State
6. Bravo, Ibadan, Oyo State
7. Juniwad, Ibadan, Oyo State
8. Amokass, Olomi, Ibadan, Oyo State
9. Teejay, Ilero, Oyo State
10. Adlak, Iseyin, Oyo State
11. Mugaty, Iseyin, Oyo State
12. Muying, Iseyin, Oyo State
13. Florida, Iseyin, Oyo State
14. Jokanola, Iseyin, Oyo State
15. Vanilla Kay, Iseyin, Oyo State
16. Able Trust, Iwo, Osun State
17. Rahmad, Iwo, Osun State
18. Nadek, Iwo, Osun State
19. Ajeboriogbon, Ife, Osun State
20. Tinpet, Ajegunle, Lagos State

1. Kajib, Ikorodu, Lagos State
2. Bimatex, Ologuneru, Ibadan, Oyo State
3. Kesbash, Ibadan, Oyo State
4. Sabara, Ibadan, Oyo State
5. Blue Light, Olomi, Ibadan, Oyo State
6. Olundegun Olaiya, Ibadan, Oyo State
7. Amat, Iseyin, Oyo State
8. Okolona, Iseyin, Oyo State
9. Chicago, Iseyin, Oyo State
10. S.Ahuja, Iseyin, Oyo State
11. Taorad, Iseyin, Oyo State
12. Easy, Iseyin, Oyo State
13. Mustah, Iseyin, Oyo State
14. Kajewole, Iseyin, Oyo State
15. Wamod, Iseyin, Oyo State
16. Ologba, Iseyin, Oyo State
17. Babs, Bashi, Oyo State
18. Olundegun Olaiya, Saki, Oyo State
19. KMR, Lanlate, Oyo State
20. Yitad, Igboora, Oyo State
21. Alfa, Igboora, Oyo State
22. Dauyek, Igboora, Oyo State
23. Sembra, Igboora, Oyo State
24. Kasad, Eruwa, Oyo State
25. Mikky Abiola, Maya, Oyo State
26. Goodness & Mercy, Oyo, Oyo State
27. AIT, Otu, Oyo State
28. Mojkam, Ikire, Osun State
29. Ras Balinga-Ororuwo, Osun State
30. Sembra, Edun Abon, Osun State
31. AIT, Ede, Osun State
32. Adlak, Oloru, Kwara State
33. Decimaf, Odeda, Ogun State


Precautionary Clause:

We are ever mindful of our clients confidentiality in every services rendered to them.

With their expressed permission, we can give details on services rendered without any injury to their privacy.

We are therefore very mindful of enquiries on our achievements so far and we shall do our utmost to sound convincing.